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The Career Card

A. Introduction:
To learn from the Japanese job card system, the career card system was launched on the human resources website of Great Taichung and in 2019, the system was integrated with the "Good Youth Employment Evaluation Trial Program" promoted by the Central Government to assist job seekers to register basic information, educational background, specialties and certificates on the system. Employment councilors then assisted the job seekers to examine their career development and provide adaptive test and counselling services to evaluate whether or not the applicants shall be recommended to participate in vocational training or adopt relevant employment promotion measures. With the combination of static resumes and vocational training, during employment recommendation, a career certification resume is exported to assist the youth to understand their own employment strength, help them to find jobs according to their adaptability and secure career development.
Benefits for joining the System:
➢ Import educational and vocational training records to completely display self-expertise;
➢ Import complete career path records guaranteed by the government to gain trust from the employer;
➢ Complete adaptive diagnosis and in-time career guides;
➢ Easy preparation for customized resume;
➢ Priority inclusion in HR databank of the Taichung City Government to increase exposure of resume;
Government guaranteed life-long services:
✔ One on one counselling services to help you build your career;
✔ Professional counseling on adaptive tests and resume diagnosis;
✔ Interview skills taught by industrial experts for successful results;
✔ Provision of updated news of vocational training courses for you to improve yourselves; and
✔ Real-time job market trend information to let you have a good command.
B. Purpose:
Advantageous resume integration: Relevant records of job seekers from schools to workplaces at various levels are compiled to conduct inventory checkout of employability for better understanding of employment advantages and disadvantages and through customized e-resumes on the career card system, job seekers become more confident of their interviews and the successful matching rate is improved.
Career path planning for better navigation: With the knowledge and capabilities of employment councilors, job seekers are assisted to achieve their career goals via the connection with employment promotion measures launched by the Central and Local Government according to the condition of job seekers.
Efficient vocational training with extra employment values: Job seekers increase their employability after receiving vocational training offered by the Bureau and via the connection to the Career Card System, they are able to conduct inventory check of their employability to achieve the goal of adaptive employment.
C. Suitable for job seekers in need of careering planning services offered by the Office.
D. Contact person: Ms. Wu at the Employment Service Office/Telephone: 22289111 extn.36104

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