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Migrant workers are reminded of riding regulations and etiquettes to ensure good riding quality

Recently, citizens have filed complaints about migrant workers not swiping cards and affecting riding quality because they are unfamiliar with public transport-related regulations or etiquettes. Taichung City Government reminds migrant workers to heed related regulations and riding etiquettes when using public transport, including principles such as “please join the queue and do not cut in line”, “do not occupy other passengers’ seats”, “do not make excessive noise or play on the car”, “please yield seat to senior citizens, disabled persons, women and children”, and “disembarking before boarding”. Please do not make excessive noise, push, shove or stand near the exit while riding public transport. When disembarking the vehicle, please ring the bell, and make sure to swipe your card to avoid fare or ticket evasion, thereby guaranteeing the safety and rights of other public transport passengers and creating excellent riding quality.

  • Data update: 2020-09-29
  • Publish Date: 2020-09-29
  • Source: Labor Affairs Bureau
  • Hit Count: 578