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Verification for Earlier Termination of Employment Contract

Contact Agency: Office of Foreign Work Service Contact Person: Counselling Service Center of Foreign Workers Contact Telephone Number: 22289111 extn. 35593(Philippines), 35594(Indonesia), 35595(Vietnam), 35596(Thailand)
The Bureau’s daily verification operation is arranged by appointment. To ensure operating efficiency and maintain those who arrive punctually, those “who are late for appointments” are regarded as giving up the reserved appointments for applications and need to wait in line for another available time slot with those who “did not make a prior appointment and arrive at the Office.” Additionally, those who “arrive late for appointments” and “arrive at the Office without an appointment” and have to complete the verification on the same business day have to prepare a stamped envelope and the Bureau will issue a certificate within 3 days after the verification is completed. But if a certain number of verification is done for the day and due to the time requirement of continuous administrative operation, no more verification will be processed. People at the site can make an appointment for verification on another day. For those who “come to the Office on behalf of an applicant who makes an appointment,” also make a call to the Office to avoid long waiting time and interruption of operating efficiency as well as affect the rights of other applicants. Thank you for your cooperation and let us improve the operating efficiency of verification together.
(To respond to outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic at the site for verification and other business, please wear a mask).
Points of attention for making an appointment with the Labor Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government about the verification of early termination of employment between the employer and Type II foreign nationals:
1. Method to schedule an appointment: If verification needs to be conducted via an interview, please make an appointment as below:
(1)Via telephone: Call the Bureau for making an appointment a day before the scheduled verification day and the Bureau will re-arrange the appointment time.
Please call(04)222-89111 extn. 35593(Philippines), 35594(Indonesia), 35595(Vietnam), 35596(Thailand)(please refer to the flow chart.)
Monitoring time for telephone calls to make an appointment: 8:10-17: 30 from Monday to Friday
(2)Online reservation: Log on the online service system of Taichung City Government and open a new window to select service agency→Labor Affairs Bureau→Appointment for Verification of Earlier Termination of Employment between the Employer and Type II Foreign Nationals→ Online Application CA to become a member of the website and use a natural person token to make online appointment at the designated website.
(3)Time required for making an appointment: 24 hours
2. Person to be verified: Foreign nationals shall have their ARC address in Taichung City or an employment permit demonstrating that foreign nationals work in Taichung City (except for special cases).
3. Verification site: #26, Jingke Rd. Nantun District, Taichung City.
4. Verification time: From 9:00 to 11:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00 on business days.
5. Verification method:(1)Interviews: An appointment is required for interview and please call or apply online one day before the scheduled verification day.
(2)Online verification: Online verification at the Office is now available (please refer to the flow chart.)
(3)Note: Online verification is only applicable to a case without dispute and for other cases with disputes, please conduct on-site verification (an appointment is required.)
(4)Time: Online verification: from 9:00-11:00; on-site verification: 13:00 to 16:00.
6. Documents required:(1)One copy of original Letter of notification about termination of employment,(2)one duplicate copy of ARC【note: The original copy of ARC shall be prepared for verification purposes. For those who have acquired residency status or lost it, a duplicate copy of the relevant receipt shall be prepared and for those with a new passport, please prepare a new duplicate copy of ARC];(3)one duplicate copy of employment letter;(4)one duplicate copy of employment permit letter(or extensive employment permit letter);(5)one original copy of entrusted letter from the employer(For human resource companies, please do have the stamps of your company as well as the name of the person in charge and his/her National Identification Card Number),(6)one duplicate copy and passport and visa issued by the Republic of China【Note 1:The original copy of passport shall be provided for verification purposes and please mark for those who are applying for a new passport; Note 2: If a new passport is issued, please attach one duplicate copy of both old and new passport;(7)one original copy of payment slip for verification purposes;(8)if the applicant fails to have the verification certificate received in person at the Office, please prepare a stamped envelope; and
(9)the said documents shall be mailed to 2F, #26, Jingke Rd., Nantun District, Taichung City seven days before verification day.

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