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Taichung City Government Public Sector Summer Work-Study Program for College Students

1. Purpose: To facilitate career development and competitiveness of the college students in the City and help their future adaptive employment, we provide summer part-time job opportunities for them so that they are able to enter the workforce and know the work environment early as well as developing the correct concept of tasks in the workplace and obtaining in advance the necessary knowledge and professional skills required in the workplace.
2. Organizer: Labor Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government
3. Co-organizer:Employment Security Section
4. Registration Period: Summer part-time job registration is available in May every year. For further information, please contact the Bureau in early April.
5. Period of Working Part-time: July 1 to Aug. 31 every year (22 days a month at most)
6. Salary: The hourly pay per person is the hourly minimum wage announced by the central competent authority. (In 2021, the hourly pay is NT$160. In other words, a person may have the maximum wage in the amount of NT$28,160 every month.)
7. Subjects:
(1) Basic Requirements: Senior students of the universities, four-year institutes of technology, two-year institutes of technology, two-year junior colleges or five-year junior colleges where they have formally enrolled, and whose files shall indicate that they have had domiciles in Taichung City for more than 4 months, excluding current graduates, postgraduates, students postponing their graduation, night school students and students of any division of continuing education
(2) For other specific conditions, please see the information announced every year.
8. Staff in charge:Miss Kao, Employment Security Section

Tel: 22289111 ext. 35600

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