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Experiences in Various Jobs – Dream Come True Program

Teenagers are the cornerstone of development of a nation and are also the main driving force for continuous innovation and growth of a society of labor. To have teenagers be able to identify their career directions and build a complete concept of workplace in school, the Government integrates trans-disciplinary resources and invites enterprises from various industries to participate and plan for the Experiences in Various Jobs – Dream Come True Program. With practical experiences from 4 to 8 hours in workplaces and led by supervisors, teenagers understand the task content of various jobs and are encouraged to plan their careers early in order to start working immediately after graduation.

  The Bureau has 114 categories of jobs for experience, and has established the exchange and cooperation platform with 45 enterprises to develop workplace experience schemes jointly. A total of 359 job opportunities (including 7 jobs in the public sector and 88 opportunities to experience in the public sector) are provided. To ensure the safety of the persons experiencing under the Program, the businesses providing the opportunities to experience are checked by the Bureau to confirm that they have never had important labor disputes or important industrial safety incidents. The jobs and opportunities offered for participants to experience are divided into the following 9 categories in a life-oriented manner.

1. Jobs essential to everyday life: workers in food and beverage industry, anchor, agricultural worker, salesperson, etc.
2. Jobs for which professional licenses are required: auto mechanic, legal personnel, occupational therapist, child care worker, etc.
3. Opportunities to experience as public servants: firefighter, police officer, labor inspection personnel, employment service personnel, etc.
4. Jobs from which people use their interest to earn money: fitness instructor, bartender, weblogger, performing artist, etc.
5. Local special jobs in important industries in Taichung: equipment engineer, scraping worker, printing machine operator, 3D printing technology R&D personnel, etc.
6. Audiovisual industry – The whole city is my studio: 3D modeling technician, worker of making movie properties, editor, graphic designer, etc.
7. Not feeling like being an employee? Actually, being an employer is much harder: owner of a cultural and creative product store, restaurant, tea shop, etc.
8. Take from society and give back to society – to experience different corporate cultures: social worker, workers in long-term care industry, employees of a social enterprise, employees of a B corporation
9. Positions essential to a company without which the company cannot operate: opportunities to experience as an accountant, general affairs personnel, business operation and planning personnel, warehouse personnel. 

  The activities for participants to experience in each workplace are designed to be lively and diversified. For example, the content of the activity designed for the participants experiencing as waiters and waitresses includes changing clothes to uniforms, learning how to introduce special meals (Sections 1~2), introduce meals to customers, operate the food ordering machine or cash register, complete the process from taking the order to delivering it to the kitchen, service skills required before serving the meal, such as skills of pouring water and filling a glass with water again, table setting, responding to any other request for service, and how to deal with payments in cash and by credit card and use the contactless payment system. In the process of experiencing, unexpected incidents are designed to see how participants react by using their skills. For example, the customer A has spilled his food, and the customer B is not satisfied with the food served. Through the above activities, the youth experience the essence of each category of jobs and are able to identify their career goals easily.10 jobs and opportunities under the Program are offered every month. The process of each of the activities to be held in the latest 2 months will be posted on the website. The youth and students are free to register with us. Schools may also send students to participate for the purpose of promoting career development of teenagers.

  • Data update: 2018-12-13
  • Publish Date: 2018-12-13
  • Source: Labor Affairs Bureau
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