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Venture Counseling Service

Contact Unit: Welfare Improvement Sector
Contact Person: Mr. Chiang
Contact Number: 22289111 ext. 35422

Venture Counseling Service for the Physically and Mentally Challenged
In order to improve the labor force participation of the physically and mentally challenged and make full use of the government venture resources, the bureau provides the physically and mentally challenged of this city who have already started up a business or are willing to start up a business with an in-depth venture counseling service and assistance. This way, the physically and mentally challenged are able to carry out the preparatory works, reduce risks, increase successful rate, improve business competitiveness and strengthen sustainable business operation for starting up their own businesses.

I. Application Period : starting from today till the end of December 13

II. Service Target (receiver of this service shall meet the following criteria):
(I) Applicant with a household registration and residence in Taichung City (hereinafter referred to as the city) who holds a disabled identification card or a disabled identification certificate.
(II) Applicant above the age of 20 but below the age of 65
(III) Applicant who has already started up or is willing to start up a business and has the ability to work.
(IV) As necessary, family member of the physically and mentally challenged may participate in the program after receiving approval from the bureau.

III. Service Location:
(I) Employment service stations or vocational rehabilitation centers of the bureau;
(II) Places where the physically and mentally challenged live or start up their own businesses;
(III) Other places where relevant venture activities, exhibitions or trial runs are held.

IV. Service Hours:
Basically 8:00~18:00 from Monday to Friday. Service receiver may also arrange the exact time with the organizing unit as necessary.

V. Service Content:
(I) Preliminary assessment and referral service: Applicant with physical and mental disabilities who are willing to participate in the project must first be assessed by the project organizer to confirm their suitability for entrepreneurship and willingness to participate in the project before entering the program service stage. Applicants who fail to pass the assessment shall be referred to other employment services, vocational training or other relevant units (such as health, social welfare, or education) depending on their actual needs.

(II) Venture counseling service stage: applicants who are believed to have the need for the counseling service after assessment.
1. Stage where there is a willingness but not yet start up the business: providing tax and legal information about entrepreneurship, employment market analysis, investigation & risk assessment, entrepreneurial environmental advantage & channel selection assessment, and entrepreneurial plan & business model formulation (such as personal studio, cross-industry alliance, business registration or company registration).
2. Stage of entrepreneurship: Assist revealing difficulties and obstacles in the business venture and have them fully resolved.
(III) Venture consultation service stage:
1. By scheduling the time for venture consultation, the organizing unit shall arrange a successful business owner, manager, or expert as a consultant in accordance with the nature and relevance of the applicant's requirements before visiting the applicant's physical store or residence for a one-to-one consultation.
2. Enhancing the applicant's professional knowledge and skills through lectures, demonstrations, trial runs, or participation in the relevant venture (employment) activities as organized by the central government authority or local government agencies.
3. Assisting with the venture resource connection and application including applying for the venture loan interest subsidy and business premise rent subsidy, etc.
4. Assisting with the planning and establishment of marketing strategies (including store website building, environmental beautification, and content upgrade).
5. Trial run may include stationed trial run (including a self-owned store or other sites provided by the organizing unit or the bureau) and occasional stall setups in cooperation with relevant activities.
6. Venture Consultation Service:
(1) Providing fundraising channel and relevant information;
(2) Instruction for business expansion, marketing management, and financial planning;
(3) Strengthening cost control capability;
(4) Providing business management diagnosis service;
(5) Providing lectures and courses for starting up a business;
(6) Solving other entrepreneurial-related problems
(IV) Post-venture consultation stage: During the first 3 months upon business startup, an investigator shall be assigned on site to learn more about the entrepreneur’s business operation while providing necessary assistance depending on the entrepreneur’s actual needs in a timely manner.
(V) Followups:
1. For the entrepreneurial cases of this city who received consultation service in the previous year, the organizing unit shall follow up and provide the entrepreneur with at least 1 care service to learn more about the entrepreneur’s business operation. For entrepreneurs who have a stable business operation, please take the business income and customer number as a basic standard for assessment and assistance with the sustainable business operation and growth. For entrepreneurs who are unable to keep the business running, a root cause analysis shall be carried out to assist with the problem solving and ensure a smooth business operation. According to the entrepreneur's specific requirements, a referral service to other service resources may be carried out. A consultant may also be assigned on site to provide subsequent consultation as necessary.
2. For the entrepreneurial cases of this city who received consultation service in this year, the organizing unit shall follow up and provide the entrepreneur with at least 1 care service 3 months to 6 months after the consultation is over to learn more abut the entrepreneur’s business operation. A consultant may also be assigned on site to provide subsequent consultation as necessary.

Hosting Unit: Labor Affairs Bureau of Taichung City
Organizing Unit: Footwear & Recreation Technology Research Institute


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