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Venture Loan Interest Subsidy

Contact Unit: Welfare Improvement Sector
Contact Person: Mr. Chen
Contact Number: 22289111 ext. 35431

Venture Loan Interest Subsidy for the Physically & Mentally Challenged of Taichung City

I. Qualification Criteria
1. Any applicant with household registration and residence in Taichung City (hereinafter referred to as the city) for more than 6 months.
2. Any applicant above the age of 20 but below the age of 65 who holds a disabled ID card or a disabled ID certificate issued by the government.
3. Any applicant who has the ability to work and is willing to start a business on himself/herself.
4. Any applicant who founds the business, registers the company, or receives a business license for less than 1 year.
5. Any applicant who has not accepted the venture loan subsidy from the government agency or other venture subsidies (such as Integrated Employment Assistance Programme For Self-reliance).
6. Any applicant who starts a business in the form of a joint venture and registered as the person in charge of the business.

II. Subsidy Content:
1. Each person may apply for no more than 1 venture loan interest subsidy.
2. Each person may apply for a maximum venture loan amount of up to NT$700,000 and any venture loan amount that does not reach NT$700,000 shall be subsidized in accordance with the actual venture loan balance.
3. Each interest subsidy period is limited to a maximum of 7 years where the maximum subsidizing amount is up to 6 percent of the annual loan interest rate. If the repayment period is less than 7 years or the annual loan interest rate is less than 6 percent, it will be subsidized in accordance with the actual repayment period and the loan interest rate.
4. Any applicant who applies for the venture loan interest subsidy shall return venture loan interest to no more than one financial institution, excluding delay interest, liquidated damages, and other relevant interest.

III. Other Matters:
1. Application Procedures: Applicant shall attach relevant application documents before filing out an application to the bureau. After the review and approval, the applicant shall attach relevant data to apply for the subsidy on a quarterly basis (January, April, July, and October).
2. Please read the guideline in detail for the relevant application form, relevant application documents, and other rules.


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