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Physically disabled vocational training

Contact us: Welfare Promotion Section
Contact person: Ms. Chiang
Contact number: 22289111 Ext.  35430


To provide the disabled people with employment willingness and capabilities a vocational training to learn the working skills and upgrade their capabilities in addition to cultivating the correct working attitude for facilitating the disabled people employment stability.


According to the regional development in the city, industrial features, the demands of the disabled people and referencing to the past training outcomes to collate and analyze, the following 3 key training courses, including cultivating training, on job training and skill certification training have been planned to meet the industrial features of the city and help the physically disabled people to obtain the vocational skills:
◎Eligible people:
1.Cultivating training: The unemployed disabled people aged 15 years old and above or the junior high school graduates with the independent capabilities of living and self-management, employment willingness, assessed to be with potential to get employment after training.

2.On job training: The disabled people are currently working on the training courses related business.
3.Skill certification training: The disabled people willing to get the skill related technician licenses.
◎Training fee: All sponsored by government and the trainees don’t need to pay for any training related cost.
◎Qualification for registration:
1.Registered trainers will be rejected if they have the following conditions except those who need to be trained after the vocational rehabilitation officer assessment and the training class is still opened for registration; the aforementioned rejected conditions include:
2.The trainees are still during the period of three months after the employment assistance training. 
3.Trainees who have attended the the orientation training initiated by the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, Division, local government in the year before the training starting in addition to ever been rejected due to absence, missed classes or any personal issues.

4.Repeated registration for the same training classes with the same training hour records in two years before the training starting.
5.Being trained with orientation training for twice but without any employment records in tow years before the training starting; however, if the people who can provide the employment certificates during the recent two years can still eligible for the training. 

◎8-10 classes will be planned to conduct every year for more than 100 trainees. After training, the training institutes will facilitate the employment mapping for the trainees. Please refer to the enrollment registration form for more related details.


The project will align the energy of private sector to conduct vocational trainings as per the industrial development of the city, aged above 15 years old of potential disabled talents will be helped to learn the working skills and get employment or start up with the upgraded vocational capabilities and enhanced market competitiveness.

  • Data update: 2022-08-08
  • Publish Date: 2018-12-12
  • Source: Labor Affairs Bureau
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