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Private Employment Service Institution (Transnational Agency)

Department: Foreign Worker Affairs Section
Contact: Mr. Chou
Contact No.:22289111 ext. 35528

Directions for Implementing Examination Prior to Transnational Human Resources Agency Applying for Establishment Permit

I. The Direction is set to examine whether there is fact regarding the establishment of the institution (branch) by local competent authority before transnational human resources agency (branch) applying for establishment permit.

II. Examination Criteria & Standard; Checklist of pre-establishment of (branch) institution (checklist) for transnational HR agency permitted for preparation setup to apply for establishment certificate.

III. After preparation for establishment has been set up according to the checklist and business requirement, transnational HR agency (branch) that has acquired preparation permit (Applicant hereinafter) should complete the institution self-evaluation on the checklist. After completion, Applicant should inform local municipal or county (city) (the Examiner hereinafter) within 60 days to perform examination. Examiner should perform examination within 14 days from the notification.

IV. Examiner should perform on-site examination according to the self-evaluation provided by preparation permitted institution, and record actual examined items on checklist. The checklist should issue in official document within 7 days.
V. If the examination result does not reflect the fact of preparation, Applicant shall notify for re-examination after improvement within limited time. Applicant should complete the examination and obtain proof of actual preparation within 3 months from the issuance of preparation permit, and apply for establishment permit issuance from Ministry of Labor (“Central authority” hereinafter). Applicants who fail to obtain proof of actual preparation should apply for extension with reason explained to Central Authority. An extension should not exceed two months and is limited to one time only.

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  • Publish Date: 2018-12-18
  • Source: Labor Affairs Bureau
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