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Overseas working holidays, stop, watch and listen!Safe trip and carefree!

Contact us:  Employment Security Division
Contact person: Mr. Chen
Contact number: 22289111 Ext. 35607

More and more students will go overseas for「working holidays」during the time of graduation period or summer vacation. According to the investigation conducted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the top three countries, including the first one-Australia, the second two-Japan and New Zealand in addition to the third one-Korea, moving from the fifth of last year, were visited for the aforementioned purpose; there are more than 10 thousand of Visa applications raised by the young people in Taiwan. However, the people plan to leave for the countries for working holidays through the assistance of the employment service institutes, please be reminded to check if the institutes are the legitimate private ones to provide the employment service with clear and accurate information, all the oral commitments to be documented as an agreement,  carefully review the contents of the contract and keep a copy at hand, no payment or deposits before the deal related service contract signed off, ask for the invoice or receipt after the payment paid, and collect the payment details before paying for it etc. to secure your personal rights and benefits.

There are 15 countries have signed the working holiday agreements with Taiwan, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Czech and France. Many aforementioned employment service providers will claim the「Job guaranteed」 or 「Carefree working holidays overseas」but the actual service quality is varied. Many cases of the employer-employee conflicts or consumer disputes have been heard after the people arriving in the targeted countries. Director of Labor Bureau, the City Government, Ho-ting Huang has pointed, many young people rely on studying abroad or the aforementioned employment service providers for working holidays in the other countries; such the service providers should be regulated by and under the scope of the Employment Service Act, Article 35, Paragraph 1 so they are mandatory to submit the applications to the Ministry of Labor for the permission of the「Private employment service institute」before the services provided. The people who violate the regulations could be charged with NT$300 thousand and up to NT$1.5 million of penalty.
The officer of Labor Bureau reminded the people would like to have working holidays overseas of some advices which are provided on the government established websites, including the「Youth working holidays unit」established by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue the required working holidays Visa to allow the young people to go for it, working information, notices, living information etc.; people may find 「International labor law information」on the Ministry of Labor website for their trip plans; the「Study abroad information kaleidoscope」 website established by the Ministry of Education will cover the information about working holiday service providers’ contract review and inspection, consumer disputes assistance and case example sharing; all the related information websites and contact numbers are listed as the following:

1.Ministry of Labor:
(1)International labor law information: Ministry of Labor/ Missions/ International labor affairs/ International labor law information
(https: //www.mol.gov.tw/topic/3079/6050/)
Taiwanjobs employment resource center for people working overseas.(https: //overseas.taiwanjobs.gov.tw/)
2.Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
「Working holiday program」: Ministry of Foreign Affairs/diplomatic information/working holiday program.
(https: //www.youthtaiwan.net/WorkingHoliday/Default.aspx)
3.Ministry of Education:
(1)「Study abroad information kaleidoscope」.https: //studyabroadinfo.moe.gov.tw/
(2)「Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education-Project of loan for overseas living experiences」:International dream coming true platform on iYouth website/International interaction map of the youth/study abroad and scholarships/Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education, loan policies for overseas living experiences.
(https: //iyouth.youthhub.tw)
4.Directorate General of Highways, MOTC:  
「International driving license」information: Motor vehicle service/ License/ International driving license.
(https: //www.thb.gov.tw/catalog?node=2527c25e-83f2-42f7-a6fa-efe4f1cd5f2d)
5.National Health Insurance Administration, MOHW:
「Health insurance」information: Medical expense refund of the general public/ self-paid payment.
(https: //www.nhi.gov.tw/Content_List.aspx?n=9D717774D5E1ADE9&topn=3185A4DF68749BA9)
6. Insurance Bureau, FSC:
「Insurance」information: Insurance unit/ Youth working holidays unit.
(https://www.ib.gov.tw/ch/home.jsp?id=129&parentpath=0, 8)
7. Overseas Community Affairs Council:
「Emergency assistance and care」information: Overseas compatriot association contact service/ overseas offices of the association.
(https: //www.ocac.gov.tw/OCAC/Pages/VDetail.aspx?nodeid=3471&pid=498681)
8.Legitimate private employment service counseling hotline: 04-22289111 Ext. 35607 for Mr. Chen.

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  • Publish Date: 2018-12-13
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