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Vocational training institute

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Introduction of vocational training institute  
(I)As per the Vocational Training Act Article 3: 「The vocational training indicated in the Act means the training based on the announced Act to cultivate and improve the working skills of the trainees. The vocational training is implemented and classified as the cultivation training,  trainee program, advanced training and job transferring training etc..」
(II)In addition, according to the Vocational Training Act Article 5: 「The vocational training institutes include the following 3 types:
  I. Government institutes initiated.
  II. Companies, schools or associations affiliated.
  III. Foundation owned.」
(III)Also, according to the Vocational Training Act Article 6: 「The establishment of the vocational training institutes should be registered or permitted by the central government so they should be reported to the government if the institutes will be closed or dissolved.  
The objective of establishing the vocational training institute is to conduct the training programs either independently or for the clients.」

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