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Private employment service institutes (Oversea manpower supply)

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Implementation notices of the inspection items for the oversea manpower agency before getting permission 
I. The notices are announced for the oversea manpower agencies (division) with the organizing permission should inform local government to check if there is any fact of the establishment to get the establishment permissions.
II. The inspection items and standard are listed as Table I; the oversea manpower agencies (division) with the organizing permission should complete the inspection items list(abbreviated as checklist)as Table II before getting the establishment permission.
III. The oversea manpower agencies (division) with the organizing permissions(indicated as the applicants)should follow the checklist and business requirements to organize and complete the self-assessment parts of the checklist, then inform local city or county government (abbreviated as the authorized inspection agency) during 60 days after completing the indicated parts on the checklist. The authorized inspection agency should send the staffs to inspect during 14 days after being informed.
IV. The authorized inspection agency should refer to the self-assessment results on the checklist completed by the institutes with the establishment permission to have the site inspection and fill in the inspection records based on the inspected facts. The checklist should be sent in official document format within 7 days.
V. If the results of the checklist showed the uncertainty of the organization, the agencies should improve within the assigned period and inform the authorized inspection agency to inspect again. Within 3 months after the organizing permission issued, the agencies should complete the inspection and the certificate of organizing facts to apply for the establishment permission to the Ministry of Labor (indicated as the central government)and get the license. If the applicants can’t get the certificate of organizing facts during the indicated period, they may raise the requests to the central government to extend the period but no longer than 2 months for one time only.

  • Data update: 2023-04-26
  • Publish Date: 2018-12-13
  • Source: Labor Affairs Bureau
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