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The private employment service institute(domestic brokerage businesses )

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Introduction of the private employment service institute  
(I)As per the Employment Service Act Article 2: 「The employment service means the service provided to assist the civil to be employed and the employers to hire employees.」; 「The employment service institutes means the institutes to provide the employment services. They can be initiated by the private agencies or groups which are the so-called private employment service institute 」。 
(II) According to the Employment Service Act Article 35: 「The private employment service institutes may operate the following employment services:   
 I. Vocational recommendation or manpower supply services.
 II. Being contracted to recruit the employees for the employers.
 III. Assisting the civil to identify the career aspirations and providing the services for employment consultations or vocational psychological tests.
 IV. The other central government indicated employment service items.」
(III) Also, according to the Employment Service Act Article 34: 「The private employment service institutes and divisions should raise the request for the establishment permissions to the government and start the services after the license issued. The license need to be renewed regularly.」「No service allowed without the permission.」

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