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Taichung City Labor College

Contact Unit: Employment Security Section

Contact person: Ms.Hsu

Tel: 04-22289111#35614

Taichung City Labor College encourages workers to learn diversified new knowledge and necessary skills through on-the-job training programs to properly adopt themselves to the change of industrial environment. Traditional skills, entrepreneurship and the demand for workforce for industrial upgrading from all aspects are also included in the programs initiated for this year. Information of the programs are provided as follows:

A. Industrial Employee Program:
We have initiated the Industrial Employee Program to enhance competitiveness of small and medium enterprises and have also planned for professional care service training for care nursing business as well as second professional specialty training to refine care service related specialties and increase added value at work.
1. Qualification for Application:
(1)Employees of the small and medium enterprise located in the city (which shall conform to the following standards for identifying small and medium enterprises: Those enterprises engaging in manufacturing, construction, mining and quarrying and having the paid-in capital less than NT$80,000 or regular employees less than 200 persons, and those enterprises engaging in agriculture, forestry, fishing, animal husbandry or electricity, gas or water supply or service business and having the operating revenue of the previous year less than NT$100,000,000 or regular employees less than 100 persons)
(2) To encourage enterprises to establish their head offices in the city, those enterprises that have met any of the following requirements may apply for initiating the Industrial Employee Program even though the enterprises are not small and medium enterprises:
(i) The company has moved its operational headquarters, which is recognized as its operational headquarters in the letter issued by Ministry of Economic Affairs, into the city.
(ii) The company incorporated in the city has obtained the letter from Ministry of Economic Affairs recognizing its status of the operational headquarters.
(3) It is an agency or association providing with a family, community or institution type of long-term care service.
2. Minimum Number of Trainees for the Program: For the same business entity or inter-business entity, at least 10 trainees are required for the Program. (The requirement of the minimum number is not applicable for those business entities located in remote areas or whose applications have been approved by the Bureau.)

B. College of Vocational Skill Upgrading:
We have planned for programs for citizens and youth to develop the categories of workplace skills in consistent with the direction of the industrial promotion initiated by the city and in combination with the demand for workforce by enterprises, in the hope of strengthening their competitiveness in workplaces. Workers are encouraged to seize this opportunity to learn and choose proper programs based on interest. Workers aged 15 or over 15 whose domiciles or workplaces are located in Taichung City are welcome to register for any of the programs they have chosen, and may be entitled to our subsidies for tuitions if they have qualification for the subsidies. Information of programs is posted on the website of Taichung City Labor College at https://laborlearn.taichung.gov.tw/index.php

If you are interested in any of the programs, please register at the aforementioned website or contact Taichung City Labor College at 04-22289111#35614

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