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Short-term Vocational Training and Skill Certification Program

For training programs held by Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, please contact at 0800-777888.

Processing Unit for short-term training programs held by Labor Affairs Bureau: Employment Security Section
Contact person: Ms. Tseng
Tel: 22289111 ext. 35616

A. Introduction:
To enhance citizens’ workplace skills and develop their second professional specialties to strengthen their competitive ability in workplaces, we have initiated short-term programs that are unit-specific, practical and easy to understand for citizens and have planned to assist them in acquiring certificates for the skills they have leaned .  For information of the programs, please download applicable files in the download section below.

B. Explanation:

(A) Qualifications:
1. Basic Qualification: Students who are domiciled and live in the city (for which actual residence related documents shall be provided) and are studying in senior highs schools (or vocational schools), colleges or universities in the city (for which a certificate of enrollment shall be provided), or workers who have been employed and are working in the city (for which a certificate of employment specifying workplace shall be provided)
2. Special Qualification:
(1) Persons supporting family livelihood independently
(2) Persons aged over 45
(3) Persons physically or mentally challenged
(4) Indigenous peoples
(5) Persons with working capacity from low income families (which have met the requirements of the low-income household or the middle-to-low-income household defined by the Public Assistance Act)
(6) Protected post-convicted persons
(7) Persons unemployed for a long time
(8) Foreign spouses and Mainland Chinese spouses 
(9) Crime victims
(10) Dropouts and disadvantaged youth living independently
(11) Victims of domestic violence and sexual assault
(12) Persons determined to be in financial difficulties based on the evaluation made by social workers of the city who have visited them

(B) Method of Registration: Contact each authorized training unit directly. (Please download applicable files in the download section below, which contain information of each program and phone number for registration.)

(C) Training Fee:
1. Training Fees Payable by Trainees: Persons who have basic qualification only shall pay 20% of the training fee.  Persons who have special qualification may participate in the training free of charge.
2. Guarantee Deposits: We receive a guarantee deposit from each trainee in advance in the hope that trainees can cherish resources of training.  After the completion of training, the guarantee deposit received will be returned, without interest payment, to the trainee on the date of completion if the trainee has attended for two-thirds or more of the total hours of the training program.

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