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Employment Transition Assistance for Students with Disabilities

Contact Unit: Welfare Promotion Section
Contact Person: Miss Yang
Contact Telephone Number: 22289111 Ext. 35448

I. According to: Regulations Governing Career Transition Program for People with Disabilities and Directions Governing Employment Transition Service for People with Disabilities

II. Purpose: Provide proper employment transition service for students with disabilities to help them transition to career and welfare needs they need and implement the concept of integration of learning and practice thoroughly. Assisting students in connecting themselves with employment service resources can improve stable employment opportunities.

III. Organizer: Taichung City Government Labor Affairs Bureau

IV. Service Target: Current students who have household registration or currently live in Taichung city and are over the 15 years old with Disability Card or Proof.

V. Implementation
(1) Promoting Employment Transition Program: Invite case officers and teachers of high schools or vocational high schools in Taichung City to attend a meeting that introduces the Employment Transition Program for Students with Disabilities. In the meeting, information about employment service resources for students with disabilities and the program will be introduced. Professionals will also attend the meeting to introduce the concept of transition to help carry out this program smoothly, interacting and communicating with attendees.
(2) Hosting Employment Transition Workshops: Cooperate with high schools, vocational high schools, and universities to host 12 employment workshops at districts (4 workshops about interviewing customs and 8 workshops about physical training) and 24 employment workshops at campuses. Through workshops, students with disabilities will understand the current job market trend and prepare themselves for future employment. The themes of seminars will be decided by different schools, and professional lecturers will be invited to be guest speakers of the seminars and interact with students.
(3) High School Seniors Receiving Employment Transition Service Early: Cooperate with schools to provide employment transition service for high schools seniors in advance. Organize student information provided by schools, complete primary interviews, provide pre-employment preparation, and connect students with service resources in 2017.

VI. Expected Results:
(1) Implement career counseling and employment transition service for students with disabilities to improve their employment rate after they graduate.
(2) Through employment transition service, students with disabilities and their families will know information of employment resources thoroughly.

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  • Publish Date: 2018-12-12
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