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Job accommodation

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Disabled people are just like all the other people, they all want to have the fair opportunities to get employed. However, there are many difficulties and inconvenience due to the disabled conditions physically or psychologically. To help the disabled people to proceed「Job accommodation」is an very important approach to help them to enter the careers and stay on employment steadily and smoothly. With the evidence of many successful cases, it’s been proven that the disabled people can work like the general people through the intervention of job accommodation; also, the employer would like to hire more disabled people with job accommodation so the employment opportunities for the disabled people will be getting more.



Eligible people

1.Employer the public or private business institutes, governments, schools or organizations will hire the disabled employees.

2.Disabled self-employed worker.

3.The public or private vocational training institutes.

4.Government outsourced vocational training institutes.

5.Government outsourced or sponsored institutes providing service of working from home.

6.The disabled people who require the supportive tools for working purposes.


Documents required


1.Application form.

2.The disabled card or certificate.

3.Disabled people insurance certificates, employment certificate, vocational training or working from home service certificates.

4.Raising the applications as the disabled self-employed workers, they should provide the government issued business registration, permission, license, registration, certificate and any required documents for check, or the traditional and retailer certificates of public benefit lottery.        

5.If the disabled people’s jobs are government outsourced or sponsored business related, they should submit the copies of their proposals, approved documents and related documents.

6.Any Labor Bureau indicated documents.


Service item


1.Improving the working environment: The disabled friendly working environmental improvement for helping the disabled people employment.

2.Improving the working facilities or machines: Disabled people tailor made working facilities or machines improvement to help them to get employed and increase the productivity.

3.Employment required supportive tools: The supportive tools to enhance, maintain or improve the capabilities of disabled people on employment.

4.Working condition improvement: The necessary working assistance for improving the working capabilities of the disabled people, including the employment required sign language, listening and typing service, visual aid or any other job related manpower support for the disabled people.

5.Working pattern adjustment: Based on the characteristics of the disabled people after the employment assessment and training to assign the adequate tasks, including remodeling of tasks, assign the employees to partner with the disabled employees, simplification of workflow, working environmental modification, avoiding the assignment with the risks etc..

6.The job accommodation service for the disabled people on employment assessment and training.


Improvement timing


1.The people who providing the disabled people working opportunities should prepare the related assessment tools or professional people to assist the disabled people during the job interview.

2.Disabled people underperforming due to the limitations of physical or psychological functions.        

3.Disabled people starting the employment with the need for job accommodation.

4.Disabled people requiring the supportive tools or having the other job related requests on manpower.

5.Disabled people working venue change or translocation.

6.Disabled people having difficulties due to job adjustments or workflow changes.

7.People with the vocational injury induced disability will get back to employment market or work change.     

8.Disabled people going for vocational training with the needs for job accommodation.

9.Disabled people working from home with the demand for job accommodation.


  • Data update: 2018-12-12
  • Publish Date: 2018-12-12
  • Source: Labor Affairs Bureau
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