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Job accommodation for the disabled people

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Contact person: Mr. Lin
Contact number: 22289111 Ext. 35426

Just like all the general public, the disabled people would like to have the fair opportunities to get employed. However, there are many difficulties and inconvenience due to the disabled conditions physically or psychologically. To help the disabled people to proceed 「Job accommodation」 is an very important approach to help them to enter the career market and stay on employment steadily and smoothly. With the evidence of many successful cases, it’s been proven that the disabled people can work like the general people through the intervention of job accommodation; also, the employer would like to hire more disabled people with job accommodation so the employment opportunities for the disabled people will be getting more.

As per the current project, all the employers like the public or private business institutes, governments, schools or organizations may raise the request to the Labor Bureau for 「job accommodation」 based on the employment conditions and requirements of the disabled employees. Then, the Bureau will send officials to visit the working environment and grant the required subsidies according to the observations of the visit, including the working environment or equipment improvement, occupational supportive tools, working condition improvement and task assignment adjustments; the maximum of the subsidy for each person per year is NT$100 thousand.
All the powers and efforts from everyone are expected to facilitate the job accommodation to be applied in each company for the disabled people to be able to get help to deal WY the issues they’re facing on the employment so the employers will be more willing to hire the disabled employees and allow them to have more career opportunities.

Timing for improvement

When the disabled people are facing the following conditions, the job accommodations will need to be initiated for them:

1. Disabled people are starting the employment.
2. Disabled people are underperforming due to the limitations of physical or psychological functions.
3. Disabled people are not provided with the required working environment and supportive facilities though the employers will provide the jobs.
4. Disabled people face the working venue change or translocation.
5. Disabled people face the work change.
6. Disabled people having difficulties due to job adjustments or workflow changes.

Items of improvement

1.Improving the working environment: The disabled friendly working environmental improvement for helping the disabled people employment.
2.Improving the working facilities or machines: Disabled people tailor made working facilities or machines improvement to help them to get employed and increase the productivity.
3.Employment required supportive tools: The supportive tools to enhance, maintain or improve the capabilities of disabled people on employment.
4.Working condition improvement: The employment required sign language, visual aid related assistance for the disabled people.
5.Working pattern adjustment: Based on the characteristics of the disabled people after the employment assessment and training to assign the adequate tasks, including remodeling of tasks, assign the employees to partner with the disabled employees, simplification of workflow, working environmental modification, avoiding the assignment with the risks etc..

Employer like the public or private business institutes, governments, schools or organizations will hire the disabled employees.

● Public or private business institutes
。Copies of corporate body, business registration certificate, company registration certificate, factory registration certificate
。Certificate of the disabled employee labor insurance
。Most recent monthly wage income statement
。Disabled handbook/ certificate
●Government institutes, schools or public employment service centers
。Disabled handbook/ certificate
。Most recent monthly wage income statement
。Certificate of the disabled employee insurance; the civil servant certificate if they’re with government employee insurance

● Corporate body
。Disabled handbook/ certificate
。Most recent monthly wage income statement
。Certificate of the disabled employee insurance
。Copies of filing certificate and corporate body registration certificate
。Sponsorship regulations or organization structure regulations

  • Data update: 2018-12-13
  • Publish Date: 2018-12-13
  • Source: Labor Affairs Bureau
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