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2020 Give Me Five - The Amazing Migrant Workers Game – Central Taiwan International Migrant Workers Sports Competition kicks off soon registration is open now

The Taichung City Government Labor Affairs Bureau will be organizing the 2020 Amazing Migrant Workers Game – Central Taiwan International Migrant Workers Sports Competition at the Taichung Football Field and Chao-Ma Civil Sports Center on October 18 (Sunday), 2020. With events such as soccer, basketball and the newly- added badminton, besides offering adequate leisure activities for migrant workers, the competition also allows ball sports-loving migrant workers to become acquainted with one another, showcase their skills and alleviate work stress.
According to the Labor Affairs Bureau Director-General, Wu Wei-Chih, migrant workers have requested the city hall to host the Central Taiwan International Migrant Workers Sports Competition in order to accommodate the public's suggestions, migrant workers and employers from throughout Taiwan have been invited to participate in the event on top of those from the 6 municipalities in central Taiwan. The intention is to let migrant workers from different countries get together and exchange their cultures, thereby encouraging them to exercise regularly and cultivate team spirit for the sake of improving their work efficiency and competitiveness. The competition has also become an important annual sporting event on the migrant worker's calendar.
Registration for the event has already begun, with 16 teams in the 11-player soccer, 3x3 basketball and badminton doubles category, a total of 48 teams will be competing for top honors. Migrant workers interested in the competition should sign up now before vacancies are filled. The city government is offering a total reward of TWD122,400 and everyone is welcome to partake in the competition.
The competitions are expected to be fierce and intense. To let migrant workers quickly obtain event-related information and increase the event's visibility, placement agencies are asked to invite migrant workers employed by the public sector to sign up for the event. The soccer match commentary will be provided by professional commentators to let those who are unable to watch the game at the stadium feel the exciting ambiance of the competition via the live streaming service. Furthermore, people who have left messages during the live streaming will stand a chance to win mystery prizes, in turn increasing the fun factor of the event.
To increase the public's sense of participation, the Labor Affairs Bureau has prepared 550 exquisite gifts for the migrant workers. Cash rewards and trophies will be awarded to the top-performing teams to increase the sense of pride and victory and reward them for the hard work they have put in during training. For registration information, please refer to the event poster and event registration QR-Code. The Director-General reminds migrant workers that limited team spots are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so hurry and sign up now. He also extended his invitation to migrant workers from the public sector to form teams and join the competition to enjoy the delightful atmosphere of meeting friends by engaging in ball games. Contact number 04-3506-7888#4920 Ms. Wu.
  • Data update: 2020-10-12
  • Publish Date: 2020-09-29
  • Source: Labor Affairs Bureau
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